You are Beautiful. You are Worthy. You are a Masterpiece.

Do you believe these words? Do you see these words as more than a passing compliment from an acquaintance when you have a good hair day?  When you look in the mirror do you believe these words? You should. These words speak to everyone; in whatever season of life you are in and whatever you see when you step in front of the mirror. 


Should you believe this because I, Elizabeth Joyner, am saying them? NO. Absolutely not. You should believe this because your Father says it to you every moment of every day.

Growing up I had a wonderful support system from my family and friends.  I knew there was a difference about me but it was never really brought to my attention enough for me to see it as a flaw.  When anyone would ask I would simply say, “It’s the way God made me.” Then move on. This answer was good enough for me until the world got a hold of me.  Every so often Satan would whisper into my ear that this skin disease is the only thing people see when they look at me.  That this difference is how people identified me in their minds. That my skin disease was my identity.

Matthew 6:21 says, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”  I treasured to be the same as my friends. I treasured to look like every girl in my school looked and yet when I looked in the mirror that’s not what I got.  I never looked at myself with disgust, but at the same time I was never satisfied with what I saw in myself.

 I don’t think I will ever be able to pinpoint a time and a place that my mindset changed, but it did. Sometimes the Lord teaches you a lesson in a single moment and your thinking is forever changed. Other times he will quietly and gently guide you on a path that leads you straight into his arms where you can’t help but be satisfied. This path for me came when I started to take to heart all of the verses that describe how we are made with a purpose.  We aren’t just thrown together, but carefully knit together in our mother’s womb.  This disease that I had always seen as a hindrance was now a calling that God gave me to bring glory to him.   

Your identity is found in Christ alone.  Your beauty is found in Christ alone. Nowhere else will you find something that satisfies you more than God’s consistency in your life.  On the days your mind is telling you that your peers are prettier than you, on the days your mind is saying you could do more, on the days your mind just isn’t content in the way God made you; realize that you are belittling God’s creation.  One of my favorite parts of creation is the transition from day to night.  The colors blow me away. The stillness that you can feel when you just look out into the sky is breath taking.  Not to mention the night time sky filled with millions of stars that God has named one by one.  This is something that we experience every single day of our lives and it becomes normal to us when in actuality it is a picture of how the Lord is still at work in creation today, so many years after those miraculous 7 days in the beginning.  Creation through Christ is a Masterpiece, therefore you are a Masterpiece.

Be filled with the Spirit precious girls. HE is our joy! He is our strength. He is the only One who defines you. You wear your crown well, sister. YOU are a child of the King! Now...jump for joy over that right there!

We sure do love you, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing TRUTH...especially for these younger girls who really struggle with their identity.

Every life matters. Every life has value. Every life has purpose.....God says so all throughout scripture. Let's listen to Him!