I am enough

Jesus. He is so good to us even when we can’t see it. He loves us and we are enough. 

My newsfeed last week was flooded with a specific story about a miraculous restoration. It was so encouraging, a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption. 

While it was a wonderful testimony of the redeeming power of God, my heart immediately went out to the person whose story did not turn out that way. My heart ached for the person reading it who had prayed about a certain situation and laid it all before the Lord, but it didn’t end in restoration. 

If I know Satan, he will use that frequently shared post to cause us to think that if our story did not turn out the way we prayed it would, we didn’t have enough faith- we didn’t pray enough- we didn’t believe His word- we didn’t wait long enough. We just weren’t enough. 

If you are that person, if the enemy has whispered these lies in your ear, please hear this: YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

While the story was certainly something to celebrate, we don’t always know how the Lord will work in our lives. We can read in the Bible about many ways God answered prayers that didn’t seem like the fairytale, but if we believe Gods word we must believe that He works for everything for our good. 

Here is what I know. Whatever your situation, whatever you have been praying for, God sees you, God hears you, God loves you and you are enough. Believe it. Share your journey with others, testify to Gods goodness no matter the circumstance or outcome. 

You are chosen. You are worthy. You are loved. 

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