They Need Us

Teenagers, young adults in your world? 

I am 47 years old pushing 48. I have 3 kids ages 21, 20 and almost 17. I have lived a lot of life in my 47 years and not one thing, NOTHING, catches me off guard nowadays. 

Nada. Nothing. We are all capable of anything. 

I am not scared of conversations with teenagers who hide all the things from everyone. They are hiding the alcohol, the drugs, the buying and selling of alcohol and drugs, the sex, all the sex with many people.

What about all the crap happening on their phones? Lordamercy its a mess, but I’m not afraid of it. 

THOSE BLASTED PHONES! Wanna talk about how IG is killing our girls self esteem and worth? Another topic for a different day. I'll write about it soon. It's so heavy on my heart.

I’m not afraid of the conversations with a student who looks one way on the outside, but deep down inside is living a lie and trying to hide everything from everyone. You know the one. If you don’t, your child does. 

I am not afraid to get to the root of the fear in these kiddos. Why don’t they trust the adult, the educator, the coach, the parent when it comes to “coming clean” with the thing? 

Do they not trust us? What is it? Why are they afraid to be honest? Heck, we live in the most transparent world ever! 

I am not afraid to listen, without judgement, about their sin. 

We gotta handle it. We must choose on the front end to handle anything they may throw our way. Choose NOW not to flip out. 

I’m very aware of the stress and the intense pressure, from every angle, these kiddos are under. 

I have talked to so many kids. THE STRESS IS UNREAL. 

Stress in the classroom.

Stress to know all the answers to all the things. Heck, they can’t remember to eat breakfast. 

Stress to look a certain way.

Stress to know where to go to college but they are failing 10th grade math. 

Stress to do all the things. 

Stress to understand and navigate an adult world. 

Stress to go all the places.

Stress to be seen with all the people. 

Stress to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Stress to just fit in somewhere, to be liked, to be accepted by someone. 

Stress to perform on all the fields, courts, stages and whatever else. 


What if we just stopped for a single minute and looked at the heart of that child, yep a child, and helped them? 

Maybe we can’t because we are in a hurry and we are too busy judging and don’t have time because “you should know better.”

Maybe we can’t help because we can’t relate. 

Maybe we think they should be better teenagers or young adults. 

What if we gave an immeasurable amount of patience with them while they tried to figure all the things out? Remember the pressure they are under? It cannot be a “one and done” kind of way. 

These kids, young adults, may be afraid to make one wrong move, a simple move to us, because they believe they will be yelled at, judged, left with no real guidance on how to handle that “simple” move. 

Our tone is everything too. Ain’t nobody got time for a snippy tone.

Giving direction and often simple guidance means a patient, loving tone. 

What if we poured out so much grace, love, kindness, direction and time we wondered how we could do anything else we were supposed to be doing because it was taking all of our time? 

I said to one of my kiddos last year and I will say it to all your kiddos too....”You have a soft place to land with me. I can promise you that.”

This world needs to know not one thing can keep me from loving these kids, picking them up when they fall, dusting them off and showing them how to walk with their head held high. 

No matter what.

You. YOU! You my child, hold your beautiful head high. 

I will help you. All the adults will help you. 

Jesus = grace and truth 

And all the people said. Amen!