Me, Jesus and the beach

The last few days I was able to sneak away with my family and spend some time staring at God's most favorite creation: the Gulf Coast.

IT WAS GLOR-I-OUS! We need us some rest y'all. My heart was full and my brain all but sat very still. My words were few with my people. That's ok. We were all a little on the quiet side. We all needed this rest. However, my thoughts were extremely deep and reflective while I anxiously listened for God, Himself, to speak as I stared right at Him through His creation.

Glory, glory hallelujah. He is always just right there.

I wish I could tell you how powerful, beautiful and mighty the waters were on this particular morning. It only lasted a couple of hours and then it was over. I'm telling ya, He had something to tell me that morning as I sat and stared and listened.

In the picture below, can you see the light breaking through the clouds hitting the water? The movement of the clouds and this light was what I noticed first. Due to the stronger than normal wind, the clouds were moving quickly right toward me and therefore the light was moving right along with the clouds. The opening of bright light was never taken over by the clouds. There was always light shining through the clouds even in the movement. 

Ponder that for a minute. 

No matter how fast a certain group of clouds were moving, there was space for the light to come through.

And the Gulf Coast is not necessarily known for it's high waves, but this morning there was such power, force, and strength in those waves. I took notice. These were waves a wanna be surfer would want to get a hold of. The waves would build and build in strength and size as they rushed toward the shore and then crashed with equal force stirring up all the sand and any sea creatures caught up in that wave. 

Waves of any size and strength happen over and over and over all day. 

The waves may not look exactly like this image every single day, but the waves come and go EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE HE TOLD THEM TO. Lord have mercy. They have never stopped moving since He spoke them into existence. 

Ponder that for another minute.

Then there was this wind. The force behind the wind was not your typical keep you cool beach breeze. There was power in this wind. I kept thinking, "Is this the kind of wind that will occur when Jesus returns?" I sat up in my chair a little bit more because of this wind. It was not just a casual wind. There may be no wind at all when Jesus comes back, but something tells me when He does return to earth the hair on our neck will stand straight up. I'm going out with some fabulous wind blown hair!

I also thought of this Holy Spirit wind rushing over every single person on the beach that morning...believers and unbelievers. Jesus was at work on every single person that morning. Some knew He was and some were completely oblivious to Him.

The Wind is often a safe and secure feeling or sometimes the Wind will have you sit up in your chair a bit because you can tell He is getting your attention. You are attentive. 

Are we ok with asking for more risk from the Holy Spirit. More strength and power and rushing from Him? Are we ok with sitting up, listening for Him to move? More attentive? 

I'm not sure what you or your family, especially your daughters, are needing right now, but would you consider starting this week off with the following "more's?"

Ask Jesus, even afraid, ask Him for:


MORE of His power

MORE of His light

MORE of a Holy Spirit rush

MORE of His strength

MORE of His beauty

MORE of His awe


Even before He created the foundation of this world, this ocean, He knew your name. He knows your baby girl's name. Bring every last "more" you can think of and let Him know. He is more than able to meet these needs and He wants to.

We love you, girls. We want nothing more than for you and your girl to walk FULLY in the power of the Holy Spirit, empowered and equipped to make a mighty difference in the lives of others.

This world needs you! Rise up and pray mighty woman of faith!